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New furniture designs for 2016 take into account the challenges Add some art to your "indoor-outdoor room." Look for maps, photos or vintage ads that reference your home's location. As for window treatments for terrace doors, outdoor fabrics have As we move outside for another season of sunshine and outdoor entertainment Thank you to all my readers for emailing us your ideas, your sources, your questions and your photos. Although it’s not possible to respond to everyone, we do read every My dreams are chock-full of Hollywood glamour mixed with European modern designs photos. Then I am quickly smacked in the head with my tight budget. Oh! that darn budget! It’s always putting the brakes on my design hopes and dreams. Outdoor furniture For this conversation, a quick garden plan — or pictures from magazines — might be compelling If you can, invest in great garden furniture. You can take it with you, and it will look good wherever you go. A pleasing coffee table can be put together And though wandering the house and Kahlo's studio is an exceptional experience, there are some great ideas outside in tree canopy that shades the garden. The space was sun-filled in Kahlo's early days, when vintage photos show white hairy "old man Summer is just around the corner, and it's time to create our outdoor living spaces stager and owner of Claudia Jacobs Designs in Goshen. Visit or call 294-8993. Send questions and photos to .

Two, you can take it home with you to decorate your backyard or outdoor space. Imagine how it will feel to look out on your patio or garden and replay the happiest moment of your life. Not to mention, it’s a beautiful piece of outdoor furniture. photographs from the Moon landings and designs of utility Italian furniture. The galleries proceed in chronological order, with each dedicated to a single year. Notably, while some showcase items that are similar in function or style, there’s no overall Surrounding the pool and patio is a lush green garden, one of Annabelle's designs please do not touch walls, furniture or any decorative objects. When outside, please do not pick or remove any plants or other objects. Photos may be taken of tour Q Can you give any ideas about how to prevent potato bugs? I have grown potatoes for about three years but cannot rid my garden of them Q Please help us identify this tree [the reader emailed photos]. Over the weekend, cedar waxwing birds were having .

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