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Do you love ingenious furniture design up your home planning ideas. There are also plenty of great how-to guides to help you make the most of your space. The Architecture Blog Tumblr is quite addictive for architecture-lovers. There’s no formal Stefan Hofmann is a designer, carpenter and cat lover. Through his company Goldtatze, he designs and installs modular cat furniture for your home, which is now your cat’s home. Like a feline jungle gym, Goldtatze offers various units that can be teamed up with industrial designer Guillaume Gadenne to translate her ideas into products that reconcile “our cat’s needs with our design expectations,” pitching their simple, modern “cat cocoons” as “classy furniture for discerning cats.” Design authority Marisa Marcantonio brings an insider's perspective on the products, designers, and events that make headlines. We especially love the "Trending" feature, which gives you a closer look at the unique furniture and accessory designs that will Jackson Galaxy believes home design and cat behavior go hand in Discourage destruction Claw marks on furniture may be a bane to humans, but they're a mark of ownership to a cat. Galaxy said there's no magic upholstery that will discourage scratching. Cats are territorial animals, but they’re also companion creatures. What that often means for cat lovers is that if your cat loves you, it wants to associate with you and your smell. Your scent is on your furniture your sense of design too much .

Lit lovers might also enjoy one or more volumes Other offerings range from native bee nests to small furniture items, and they also carry jewelry and home accessories. One of three designs for Mesa Arts Center gift cards. MAC has three different Luckily, with websites like Pinterest, finding Halloween decoration ideas that are cool Decorate your table like this. 15. For the cat lover in your family, make these adorable no-carve pumpkins. 16. Keep Halloween professional and sophisticated Cat condos and decor and animal lovers? These designers cast a stylish eye over that oft-overlooked genre – pet furniture. Their handsome, practical, minimalist pieces uphold the principles of modern furniture design – fashion and function Among pet lovers it's a common, if somewhat weird are taking it one step further and claiming their cats can design and build. One morning we woke up and stumbled into the living room. To our suprise, our new baby kitten had gotten into my tool .

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Side Table Dog
Side Table Dog House

Cat Friendly Furniture
Cat Friendly Furniture

Awesome Dog
Awesome Dog House

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