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Monica Shekar discovered her love for furniture design while pursuing a degree in economics Despite her work not having Indian roots, she says her customers have clear ideas when they come to her with requests. “Thanks to Pinterest, people know A sense of social purpose drives this year’s Venice biennale, and while good intentions don’t always translate into good ideas, the best combine usefulness now opened up into public oases. The Indian architect Anupama Kundoo has built a mock There are basically two types of furniture themes you can go with; you can create an Indian inspired furniture decorated with intricate designs in green, red, golden, or pink. Most of the furniture is low to the ground and made of wood. Their unusual gift ideas and a Scandinavian furniture classic with his Nomad Chair. The new take on an iconic design was inspired by the legendary Roorkhee Chair, which was originally made for British military officers stationed in India and later The High Point Market Authority announced the results of their Second Annual High Point Market Showroom Design and Merchandising Ideas of Furniture Designers. Takayoshi Nagashima, The Home Living, Japan; Sylvia Khan, Index Furniture Journal, India The past few years have seen innovative green ideas and trends gain popularity in ‘Green’ materials can now be found in carpets, furniture finishes and even paints. ‘Green’ design doesn’t necessarily mean products, it also relates to opening .

studio mumbai draws on traditional indian craft using brick + bamboo to hand-make furniture for maniera (above where they work alongside trained architects to develop ideas that are almost immediately translated into mock-ups and objects through The Design STARs collection features product introductions by 20 design talents from around the world, including France, India ideas. The show also will be promoting a new collaboration with HipVan, a Singapore-based online store for designer furniture Events such as the London Design Festival and Clerkenwell Design Week attract increasingly large international audiences keen to see, and crucially, buy what UK furniture makers are and helping them develop their ideas. “This year we ran our first The Indian furniture is open to new ideas, says Gupta, adding that she is finding more and more takers, particularly in the hospitality sector. Some of Gupta's clients, as one would expect of the affluent, demand exclusivity in design. .

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Bedroom Furniture
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Modern Bedroom Furniture Design
Modern Bedroom Furniture Design

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